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May 10, 2022

Ep10 Human Skills Business Performance

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Welcome to Ep10 of Concentric.

Today we're talking about two of my favorite subjects:  business and people, and more specifically the relationship between the two.  Balancing the business/people dynamic is great and messy and hard and wonderful.

More and more, business leaders and the public at large are recognizing personal development and how it relates to business.  There have been some people, though, who go out there and say, "Invest in personal development and you'll be successful tomorrow!  That's all you need."

There are some other folks who are like, "That's all trash and nonsense.  Focus on the business fundamentals. That's how you grow a business."

In reality, those are extremes and if any strong division occurs, it's from each "side" thinking the other side is that cut and dried.

What we dig into today is the messy middle.   Of course, you don't just go read Think and Grow Rich and that's all you need to know to have a successful business.  But at the same time, even though it's possible to grow and succeed in business:  sell a widget and make a bunch of money with no focus on yourself - how are you in the process?  Is there a level of fulfillment that you miss out on?  And do you grow faster, develop a better team, or are you more successful in business when you focus on some of those aspects of personal development?

Gary and I certainly feel like the answer is yes.  Everything that you do, business included, is just better when you consistently grow and improve as a person and learn how to relate to somebody, whether you're selling them something or you're managing a team.

If you are practicing self-leadership and developing those skills, it's just going to go smoother. It's going to be better. Everyone's going to enjoy the process more. So that's what we get into today.

So many insights. I think you're gonna love it.

Let's jump in.