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Aug. 8, 2022

Ep13 Understanding at a Deeper Level

Welcome to Episode 13 of Concentric.

Today, Gary and I dig into the aspect of truly understanding another person, whether that's someone you're in a relationship with just someone you're kind of in conflict with and you're trying to come to that resolution.

The better you can understand them, the better that you'll be able to communicate your "side" and the better you're going to be able to develop what your "side" should be, in terms of what's really going on.

And there are several levels to this.  This is a big, broad topic in terms of conflict resolution and having those critical conversations, as Gary calls them.  We dig deep into this specific aspect of those critical conversations around understanding.

Gary of course has immense training and years of experience in deciphering certain physical characteristics, body posture, and all of those things that help him diagnose really quickly what's going on with someone.

But we all have that understanding.  We all know, even if we can't quite put words to it, what someone is feeling or when something's a little "off".  That sense will allow us to dig deeper with that person if we'll just have that intention.

And we take those few moments to think to ourselves, "Okay, let me stop the chatter going on in my brain for a little bit and truly take in what this other person is communicating both in words, body language, and energy."

So we explore the importance of this topic and then really get into some tactical how-tos to help us all when we're in that situation.