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Aug. 31, 2022

Ep14 Data-Driven Job Placement - Evaluating and Training Top Talent

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Welcome to Episode 14 of Concentric.

Jason Croft and Gary De Rodriguez dig in today around the aspect of using data to not only find that right candidate for a specific job at your company but for those folks who are in those roles now, taking them through some assessments that will help you determine if this person is in their best role.  And if not figure out how to train that person or find that perfect role for them based on their strengths.

There are so many different assessments out there that almost everyone in the business world is familiar with, but the one that Gary's talking about here in this episode is unique in not only how it assesses that individual, but also how it evaluates numerous jobs in terms of who you should be looking for, for that role.

But then a whole separate layer to it is a training aspect.  For instance, a manager can make that assessment of an employee and determine that the role they are in requires certain traits or behaviors the employee doesn't have.  But they're so close?  This assessment identifies what they need to develop to really thrive in this role and then sets up the training to go along with this.

So not only does that "level up" that employee who goes through that training, but now the company and that manager have data to measure against, and the employee knows what they're shooting for.

I know we dig into the "humanness" of us all on this show, so it may seem counterintuitive to think we're concentrating on the numbers and data to assess somebody, but it's really the data of digging into who they really are, which then allows us to build up their great "humanness" in that role and help them, help the company, and really improve the entire company culture.

Make sure you reach out to Gary to have a conversation about implementing this assessment in your company.


How to hire, develop and retain employees

A new personality assessment has come out in the market, and I was blessed enough to have been able to test this particular assessment.

The first time I took the assessment, I was amazed at the results. It was something I'd never seen before in the market. 

I got pretty excited about it, so I decided to get trained on the platform to roll it out to my existing corporate clients.

And so, I began this fascinating journey on psychometric assessments. 

It's the latest one out there. It's pretty cool. It's mobile, goes from boomers to gen z's, and has all the valuable data you need.

I say this is important because this is the solution to achieving employee satisfaction.

NO more hiring blind

Typically, you have to have the right personality for the proper role. And if your employee doesn't do well, it could mean they are not satisfied and that they don't have contentment.

What they have is frustration and irritation with their job. They may even have more stress and anxiety because they keep trying to fit themselves into the job. 

The employee could say, I hate it here. But it's not actually the company that they hate. It's what they're doing at their job. 

And what most employees do is get frustrated with their direct manager because their manager would tell them, why can't you do it this way? Why can't you learn this? You did this wrong again!

And the moment the employee starts to feel aggravated, he blows out of space over time. And we cannot afford to lose great talent. 

Therefore, having a methodology to help us place the right person with the right skills, talents, and personality into a suitable role is simply amazing.

This isn't about eliminating people from their job roles. 

An inbuilt coaching program within each assessment helps the hiring manager build up an employee in areas of their personality outside the success pattern. They need coaching to bring them inside the success pattern.

So this is not about exclusion. This is about inclusion and development. 

I've seen a lot of assessments, and when you don't fit, you are just thrown away. And we can't afford training and losing people over and over again. And it's simply just an immoral way to treat people. 

But this incredible process I found is impressive because it is so customized. 

How to hire the right people

So I was working with this luxury real estate brokerage in La Hoya, and the broker told me he needed to do assessments. He's building a large team with about 40 people in it. 

So I told him to give me his top four performers, and I'll assess them.

The platform condenses the top-performing employees' personalities and qualities, creating a success pattern like an algorithm. 

A success pattern that every single agent employed could have. It could be measured, and they could see where they were in the success pattern.

And this gave the in-house coach an incredible coaching direction to take on each employee. He could create a development plan for each person outside those success patterns. 

When a new candidate comes in, we put them through the assessment to see where they land within that success pattern. 

And the broker was delighted with the results because he was no longer hiring in the dark.

You can interview, get references, do background checks, and still hire the wrong person. The reason behind that is that you can't see the deeper unconscious drivers in that person's personality, which will help you know the person's qualities and capabilities to become a high-performing agent.

Six months after we rolled this program in this real estate company, the broker told me that now he has faith in all the energy, time, training, and personal and financial investment he makes.

He is developing new candidates. And he has more possibility of winning and ensuring they are staying and retained. 

Because training all these people is not cheap. It takes your time, energy, and money down the drain if you don't do it right because they would just quit after the training.

And right now, he's just happy because it isn't happening to his company. People are staying, and they're starting to get out there and produce results. And that includes new hires. 

You have to have information on the deep structure of that individual before you hire them to ensure they have the innate personality qualities for the job That matches the highest-performing agents that you currently have. 

You will no longer hire blindly. You will just add this extra piece of psychometric data to the mix, and then you get a job match on the report.

The summary report will give you a job match that shows where their personality meets the personality and qualities of the top-performing members of the team. 

And that gives you a percentage job match that is anything above 75%. And that's a pretty good investment.

How to develop and retain talent

So this is an incredible way to select, develop and retain talent. 

With your existing employees, you have to show your willingness to invest in them and let them know their developmental areas, so they will know what to focus on. 

People often say, you didn't produce enough results, or you didn't meet your KPIs. 

Honestly, they just don't know what to do, especially if they're not coached correctly. 

They wouldn't know what to develop because they don't know what it is in the first place.

So this assessment gives the manager an advantage in his coaching program to help evolve their employees strategically in a data-driven manner. 

And this is where you start having greater employee retention, higher performance, and better work culture.