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Sept. 28, 2022

Ep16 How to Build a Profitable Collaboration System

Ep16 How to Build a Profitable Collaboration System
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Today on Concentric, Gary and Jason walk through this idea of true collaboration in business.

Purposefully getting the input of everyone in your organization at a level that makes them feel like they're being listened to is a powerful strategy for building a better company culture.  

But it also benefits the company in powerful and profitable ways by having new ideas and areas for improvement brought to you, as a business owner, as the CEO.  And there's an entire system around this that Gary walks into companies with and implements for them. 

In this episode, Gary walks you through exactly what he does for those companies and shows you how you can take this idea of collaboration, get quality input from your team, and put it all in place to make it a system within your company so that it's something that's happening on a regular basis.