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Oct. 5, 2022

Ep17 Why We Should Challenge Our Beliefs

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Welcome to Episode 17 of Concentric.

Today we're talking about the power of beliefs and how we can challenge those beliefs that we hold so dear at times that are completely wrong or just may be wrong.

Beliefs form the basis of how we see the world, and how we interact with others in the world.  And it's critical that we take the time and have the awareness to challenge some of those beliefs, especially at the moment that either you're being triggered by an event or by someone.

It's great when we can take a step back and ask a few powerful questions that will help us challenge those beliefs and potentially reframe things so that we can either come to a resolution with that other person or learn something from that negative event that we went through.

Gary and Jason not only talk about the power of beliefs and what a difference reframing them can make, but Gary also gives us three really powerful questions that help us in that process.

Make sure to check out the entire episode to fully understand the role beliefs play in our lives and how we can shift them for the better.