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Nov. 9, 2022

Ep18 Getting Your Relationship Back in Alignment

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Welcome to Episode 18 of Concentric.


In today's "Quick Wins" episode, we're covering how to quickly get back in alignment in your relationship.


On this show, Gary and I dig deep on these different subjects and give you tactics and strategies around a lot of these topics.  In this episode, we wanted to give you something you can grab onto and use today, and really improve your life. 


These quick tips apply for getting back in alignment with your significant other, a friendship that you have with somebody, or even a parent/child relationship.


Sometimes, we start heading in different directions a little bit.  We each see the world through our own frames and filters and over time we assume our partner has the same filters when they don't. 


Gary walks us through some really powerful tools here so that we can get back into alignment quickly with ourselves first in terms of how we're framing everything and then working with our significant other or that friend and getting back into alignment with them by opening up that communication.


All right, let's jump in!