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Nov. 19, 2021

Ep3 Strong Relationships are Critical to Business Growth

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Welcome to Ep3 of Concentric.

In this episode, we're digging deep into two big topics that I am so passionate about ... relationships and business. And specifically, how critical it is to have both working together.

I love the fact that now more than ever before, people are understanding how those two things come together.

They've always been intertwined, but before it was way too common that humanity and business were siloed in terms of what to improve on at work.

As I see more examples of companies really developing their people throughout the organization, the beautiful thing to me is that it's good business.  We're taking these things that were traditionally kept separate and we're bringing them together to benefit both aspects, humanity, and business.

And we don't just talk around the idea of these subjects.  Gary goes in-depth on how to make this happen.  How to transform an organization.  How to develop your people in a way that really does improve your bottom line while having this incredible ripple effect throughout the organization and beyond.

So, you can be somebody who starts a company and develops the people within your organization, and realistically affect hundreds, even thousands of lives.

It's incredible to me:  two amazing, important aspects in this world coming together and how we can make it all better.