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April 6, 2022

Ep5 Why Knowing Your Values is Critical

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Today starts our three-part series on Values.

We wanted to get into these early on because discovering your values and really identifying those top five values specifically ... it's foundational to everything you're going to do in life.  Certainly in your relationships, in how you interact with anyone in life, but especially how you interact with yourself.

And when you find those uncomfortable moments in life, or when you feel that overwhelming frustration, again ... especially with yourself, a lot of times you're living outside of those values and counter to what you truly value in life.

And if you haven't taken that time to identify what those are, how are you ever going to win? How are you going to get past those frustrations?

I did this process for the first time several years ago with Gary.  A very uncomfortable process to go through!  I joke about that because it's tough. It's asking a lot of the hard questions, but it's phenomenal on the other side.

Going through that process creates so many "aha" moments.  And it's so worthwhile.

So, in this first episode of the series, we dig into why it's critical that you figure these values out and why specifically it's your top five values, and what that means.

In Episode Six, we get into me going through that process and really getting a picture for you to see, "Okay, how can I whittle these down?"  Here are all the options that I could have.  But how do I identify mine and then pit the values against each other, essentially, to see which ones come out on top, identifying which ones are really core to you at this stage in your life?

And then in Episode Seven, we get into "Great, I've identified these.  Now what?  What's life like now? How do I use these insights to move forward and to improve my relationships?"