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April 9, 2022

Ep6 How to Identify Your Top 5 Values

Ep6 How to Identify Your Top 5 Values
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Welcome to Ep6 of Concentric, this is our second in a three-part series around values. If you haven't checked out Ep5, I encourage you to do so.  It really sets the stage and gives you context around what we're talking about here:  the incredibly important aspect of identifying your values

In this episode, I dig in and go through this process.  I did it several years ago. But as we talked about in episode five, your values often evolve and change either dramatically or subtly as you enter different stages of life and you have new experiences.

It was really eye-opening to go through this process again with Gary, even with how difficult it can be.  And you'll see why it can be so difficult.  I'm forced to ask myself some of the tough questions.

But on the other side of this process, it's so valuable, so insightful to have this information.  To realize, "Oh, that's why I'm frustrated here. I don't get along with this person here. Or I do get along with this person because they're aligning with my values, or I'm frustrated here because I'm fighting my own values."

 So in this episode, we dig deep and give you some insight into how you can do the exact same thing.