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April 10, 2022

Ep7 How to Use Your Identified Values

Ep7 How to Use Your Identified Values

Welcome to Ep7 of Concentric.

This is our third in a three-part series around values. If you haven't watched episodes five and six, basically, you need to go do that.  It will really give you some context around what we're talking about here.

In Ep5, we dug into the importance of values, and in Ep6, Gary took me through the process of figuring out what my top five values are.

In Ep7 here, we get into really answering the questions, "Great, I have these.  What now? What do I do with this information around what my top values are?  Both at a broad level and also just day-to-day - how do I use the disinformation that I have now to improve my relationships, improve my quality of life, improve how I feel about myself?"

So, this is super valuable and a lot of fun. You know, as I mentioned in Ep5, we did this series on values early on in the show because it's so critical.