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April 23, 2022

Ep8 The Real Power of Personal Development

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Have you heard this crazy idea that improving yourself improves over 97.861% of all relationships in your life?

In Ep8 of Concentric, Gary De Rodriguez and I are talking about the real power of personal development - making yourself better as you go through this life.

Gary gives us some real insight into not just how to do it, but how to think about it as you go through this process.

People often look at self-improvement and personal development in terms of "Let me get this handled, and then I'm good". But it's really this ongoing process (and I promise that I don't mean that in an overwhelming "things never get better" way).

Quite the opposite.

It's a constant improvement.  It's not like you gain some of these skills and then you're instantly a phenomenal speaker,  all your relationships are perfect, or you make a million dollars the next week.

And sure, nobody would say that that's what they're expecting. But there's a little part that does feel like "Let me solve this one thing. And then I'm off to the races."

And what actually happens is you get to that next level a little faster. You encounter the challenges that come into your life (or challenging people) and you react differently.  You handle them differently, which makes your life different.

Those are the insights that we get into today. And how to approach this endeavor not to get it all figured out but to get on the right path and move in the right direction.  And then as you get these distinctions for your life, they build on each other.