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Dec. 9, 2022

Ep19 How to Upgrade Your Language

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Welcome to Episode 19 of Concentric.

Today we've got another quick-win episode for you around the idea of upgrading your language.

This applies to the language we use in our heads and in our everyday interactions.

We often don't think about it too deeply.  We simply consider that it's just how we speak or what we would normally say in a given situation.

It's really important to analyze what we are saying to ourselves and to others on a regular basis.  Those things are often reflections of what we think about ourselves at a deeper level and the beliefs that we hold about the world.  Conversely, by changing and upgrading our language, we can be proactive in shaping new beliefs and developing new habits and outlooks on life.

Gary walks us through some quick and simple approaches to get started with this right away.