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March 29, 2023

Ep20 How to Resolve Deep Trauma and Repair Your Relationships

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The Deeper Work to Fix Your Relationship


Welcome to Episode 20 of Concentric, where hosts Gary De Rodriguez and Jason Croft explore the key to making any relationship work - getting right with yourself.


In this episode, they delve into the foundational aspect of figuring out one's role in any conflict in a relationship, even if it's not apparent. Listeners are encouraged to ask themselves tough questions to uncover past trauma that may be triggering negative reactions in relationships.


But more than that, Gary shares his process to heal trauma and how it has helped his clients rapidly overcome relationship conflicts and how you can do it too. This episode is a powerful guide for anyone starting a new relationship or struggling with conflict in an existing one.


So, get ready for a journey of self-discovery with Gary De Rodriguez and Jason Croft in this transformative episode.