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May 5, 2022

Ep9 Self-leadership and Managing Mental and Emotional Triggers

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Welcome to Ep9 of Concentric.


We really dive in on this concept of self-leadership quite a bit on this show already.  Because it's so foundational to everything else that we teach and really just what we believe in this world.  It's so important to take control over your own experience in life, rather than leaving it up to the rest of the world to dictate how you're going to feel or how you're going to operate. 


And maybe it sounds simple.  But it's actually tough when we do get triggered by things out in the world, and we react to that triggering event, rather than stopping and going, "Okay, why am I so upset about this?" 


Gary dives into how important our mental and emotional states are to just being consistent and congruent and showing up in life, how we want to show up, and certainly when it comes to leading others.  We can't possibly do that without leading ourselves first. 


So this is an amazing foundational episode in which Gary gives us insights on how to do this because it's very difficult to course correct when you are being triggered by something, especially in the moment.  It takes the foundational work beforehand so that in the moment you can call upon that decision that you've made, or insights that you've gained, in order to not have that same emotional response. 


Make sure you check out the full episode and share it with someone you think needs to hear it!