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Oct. 23, 2021

Launch Episode - A New Show to Build Alignment

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Welcome to Concentric.

Gary de Rodriguez and Jason Croft have put this show together to help you with the most important skill you can have:  building alignment with yourself and those around you.

Your relationship with yourself and your relationship with everyone you come in contact with is foundational to your human experience.  We are the happiest and most fulfilled when our romantic, business, family, and friend relationships are thriving.

But it takes work.

It takes developing a purposeful set of skills to navigate how you relate to yourself and others.

Gary is a master at helping people develop and improve upon those skills.  Not only has he gone on this journey himself, but he's coached over 11,000 people over the years along their journeys as well.

This show is here to share why aligning with others is so important and give you the tools to do so, in a way you've never experienced.

In this episode, we discuss some of these foundational topics as well as what's coming in the episodes ahead.